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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fremont County Airport Event

Our club has been invited to have a static display at this event. Please feel free to bring a plane if you're interested. Also check with Mark Sullivan to see if he is bringing his trailer and maybe he might be able to have room for your plane in his trailer. See you there.

 I'll be at work this weekend and unable to attend this airshow. If anyone needs to use my trailer to get the canopy shade, tables, chairs or planes stored in there you are most welcome to come pull it to the airport for the club useage. Just give me a call anytime to set this up. Can someone please get a lot of photos of the days activities for the club newsletter and email them to me ASAP after the airshow as that would be a tremendous help also. Also let Jim Aultman know right away because he needs a lot of help at the airport during this show too.

Thanks in advance,
Mark J. Sullivan

Monday, July 21, 2014

July Fun-Fly

Everyone was assembled and ready for the 9:00 AM start but it was too windy. Reports from the automated airport weather station showed 22 knots gusting to 26 knots (remember to multiply by 1.15 to compute mph). Cloyce did fly his DA powered Edge and put on a great flying exhibition. I got out my Big Stick 40 and got in a flight with two touch and goes.

Cloyce taxing out his Edge

Since it turned out to be a blustery and windy day, we delayed the touch and go competition until more favorable winds prevailed later in the morning. Bobby put in a great demo of six T&G, Cloyce came in second with 2. I crashed on my first touch and Buzz won first in the electric class.
Just a few of the attendees watching the flying
The club's charity donation bucket was passed around and $8.00 was collected. Sorry I got it out late and didn't catch everyone before they left. There will be other opportunities to contribute to our designated charities.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catching Up

A lot has been going on and I need to catch up on the Club's Blog.

First is our Buddy Box Session with the Boys & Girls Club of Fremont County which we had on Friday June 20th.
Trainer Ed Vincent briefing the boys & girls on the operation of R/C aircraft
Some of the kids really took to R/C flying and some had a bit of difficulty. However, a good time was had by all.

Next the Salida Airport 50th Anniversary Fly-In that was held on June 28th. A great line-up of full size aircraft were on display. Mark Sullivan and I were on hand with R/C models. The winds were too blustery for me to fly, but Mark put on some demonstrations with his quadcopter. Chris, a flyer from Salida, put on great flights with his electric acrobatic planes. He also had a large octocopter on display. 

Mark Sullivan at the FCRCC table chatting with some of the attendees
Here are more photos of the planes

A small sampling of the many planes on the flight line 
A rare 1930's era vintage Curtis P-36 
The star of the show, a P-51 Mustang

Raffle ticket information

We discussed a raffle pertaining to getting a ride in a P-51 Mustang and I found the link I had for it to post to the club site for everyone's information:

Click on that link or copy it to your browser and see the contained information.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Balloon Festival Publicity

The Balloon folks had a great promo for our club in their on-line program.

click    HERE     and see for yourself

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Salida Airport Fun Fly Event

I recieved an email from Steve Bush who is the airport manager up in Salida, CO. informing us of their upcoming 50th anniversary Fly-In event being held on  Saturday June 28th, 2014. We participated with them last year at this time with a static display of RC aircraft and some RC flight demonstrations also. Steve has given us ample notice this year that they would appreciate our support by returning again this year to help them celebrate their milestone anniversary.
 I sent out an email awhile back letting our Fremont County Radio Control Club members know about them asking for our support again and I also sent the invitation out to the Pueblo Sky Corral RC Club members along with the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Flyers Club to inform them of the celebration also and I have recieved several inquiries back in regards to some of them wanting to do some flying demonstrations and static displays too. I haven't heard back from too many of our own club members regarding attending this event yet, so please let me know at your earliest convenience one way or the other about attending and participating.
 We will set up a booth again to pass out cards and club information and answer the publics questions about this great hobby of ours that we enjoy so much, and hopefully gain some new RC flying participants or club members possibly.
 There will be overnight dry camping available and the restrooms will remain available for use overnight at the airport terminal building, if anyone decides to camp there for this event.
 I look forward to hearing back from the club members very soon regarding our club's support of this event.
Come on up to Salida and enjoy viewing all of the Fly-In planes such as warbirds, experimentals, jets, helicopters and also general aviation aircraft also.
 Don't forget your camera to capture the spectacular scenery that abounds and surrounds the airport, along with the car show and planes that will be attending this event.

 Thanks for your support,